Sworn members who have sustained gunshot wounds, stab wounds, or serious injury under aggravated and hostile circumstances which could result in death or permanent disability while acting in their official capacity are eligible for this award.  

Authority for the issuance of the Citation of Valor lies solely with the Police Commissioner.

                                                    RETROACTIVE CITATION OF VALOR PROGRAM

After eight years of dedication, hard work, and the imagination of Patty Driscoll, the Retroactive Citation of Valor Program became a reality in 2013.

If a police officer has been injured in the line of duty that has resulted in them being fully or partially disabled, they can write Patty or Kenny Driscoll through the website listed below and they will work to get them their Citation of Valor.  Also note, a member does not have to be the one to write to Ken or Patty.  In most cases, Ken or Patty are contacted by someone else about an officer and then they approach the officer.

Since the beginning of the program, Patty has been able to get 9 officers awarded retroactively. So if you were injured LOD and forced to retire due to these injuries, consider letting her file for these awards for you. The more filed, the better the chances of the department realizing the need to evaluate officer’s injuries before they retire so that they can be given this award with their badge and certificate when they retire.

So again, if you retired LOD, contact Patty and Ken Driscoll and let them nominate you for this award.  We know it isn't easy filing or having someone file for you, but in this case, it is not just for you, it will help others because not only will it show others that your sacrifice was acknowledged, but it will go on to help future officers in being recognized for their injuries and help other agencies to recognize their injured and disabled police.

 Those that were injured and received the award are as Follows:

1. Retired Det. Kenneth Driscoll - Approved, 5 April 2013 for injuries sustained 10 Aug 2001

2. Retired Officer Gary Lapchak - Approved, 3 Feb 2014 for injuries sustained 28 Oct 1997

3. Retired Officer Daryl Buhrman - Approved, 3 Feb 2014 for injuries sustained 8 Feb 1981

4. Retired Officer Kenneth Driscoll - Approved, 21 June 2014 for injuries sustained in 1992 

5. Retired Sgt. Robert Bigos - Approved, 21 June 2014 for injuries sustained 9 Sept 1995   

6. Retired Officer Lennell Robinson - Approved, 21 June 2014 for injuries sustained 17 April, 1997

7. Retired Officer Robert Cirello - Approved, 21 June 2014 for injuries sustained 7 Sept 2006

8. Retired Sgt. Edward Mattson - Approved, 5 April 2015 for injuries sustained 13 Oct 1970

9. Retired Officer Kathy Irwin - Approved, 5 April 2015 for injuries sustained 20 Feb 1993