And so it begins… we now start the work for our 2018 Raffle – printing of tickets, letters, ordering the envelopes, and then the organization of the 23,000 raffle tickets.  It’s a time-consuming job, but there is nothing as important or rewarding as seeing what the income from our raffle does for our members and widows.

As of this writing, we are helping one widow with financial problems and we have five other widows and one member who have requested assistance.  Seven people need our help and it’s possible because of you. 

Give yourself a pat on the back for caring.  You deserve it.

The Raffle will be mailed in early September with the drawing taking place at our Holiday Party in December.  As usual, there will be twenty-five chances to win.  Feeling lucky?

You will notice some differences with your raffle this time around.  What could they be?


Daryl J. Buhrman, Sr.
Distress Fund Chairman
(410) 803-2293