Our 2018 Raffle Tickets were mailed the first week of September.  For those of you who are new to the experience, let me give you some background information.  At a general meeting of the B.R.P.B.A. on June 18, 2003, we received information that one of our members had suffered a stroke and needed a wheelchair ramp. However, due to financial difficulties he was unable to have one built. This information came from another member because the disabled member that needed help was too private to ask for help.  At that June 18, 2003 meeting, this member’s financial situation was discussed, a hat was passed around, and $524.00 was collected.  One of our retired members generously offered to build the wheelchair ramp for no cost.  In addition, Home Depot was approached and they graciously helped with the cost of the material.  

Hence the beginning of the B.R.P.B.A. Distress Fund. 

Our raffle is run yearly with a drawing at our Holiday Party in December.   The monies we bring in from the raffle go into the Distress Fund.  This Fund is available to anyone who has been a member for one year and is experiencing difficulties.  Whether those difficulties are bill related, health related, or any other debilitating circumstance (like a house fire or natural disaster), the Distress Fund is there to help. 

All the member has to do is reach out to us. Every request is held in the strictest confidence.  Each request is assigned a case number and as the case is discussed from that point on, it is discussed only by case number.  Only I, the Chairman of the Distress Fund, will know who the actual applicant is.

At this point in time, we have several open applications for assistance that are in the various stages of completion.  We recently were able to help a widow who was being harassed by a creditor for a debt that wasn’t even hers to pay.  Our thanks to our Attorney, Mike May for his assistance in this matter.

As always, we also send a thank you to our members for their generosity each year when the raffle rolls around.  If you do not believe in gambling and do not want to sell the tickets you are sent, a donation is very much appreciated.

Here’s to a good Raffle year.

Daryl J. Buhrman, Sr.
Distress Fund Chairman
(410) 803-2293