The 2017 Raffle was a great success and we send a sincere thank you to all who bought, sold, or donated money.

We would like to acknowledge these Brothers and Sisters who sold over 2500 tickets collectively:

Bernard Tom Joyce 

Ken Lang 

Charles Milland
Tom Crowther

Jerry Landsman

John Boyd
Anthony Molesky

William McKitrich

And one of our widows, Mrs. Lynn Franklin.

Well done!

This money goes a long way toward helping our widows who are on a limited income, and our members who are experiencing financial difficulties due to illness, fire, etc.

As of this writing, we are working on two Distress cases for our widows, and one member in need.  This is your money at work! 

Daryl J. Buhrman, Sr.
Distress Fund Chairman
(410) 803-2293