2017 RAFFLE​


In early September, we mailed our 2017 Raffle tickets.   You are probably tired of hearing this, but we sincerely ask that you buy at least one ticket.  If each one of our members bought one ticket, the Distress Fund would receive over $2,000.00.   This may seem a petty amount to you, but to the widow we recently helped with her medication, it was a lifesaver.  

Imagine if you will, that your yearly income is $16,000 or less.  From that, try to figure out how to pay for everything.  After your monthly bills are paid, could you still afford medication or food, or even clothing?  Intimidating to think about, isn’t it? 

In addition, each year the Distress Fund gifts widows we have helped in the past with gift cards at Thanksgiving and Christmas to help them have a holiday they deserve.  And recently we started a program where we also send a gift card at their birthdays; just a small token to brighten their day. 

These small measures mean so much to them and their words of grateful appreciation are worth the time and  effort to oversee this Raffle each year.

Our Distress Fund has helped countless members and widows in times of need, and it will continue to do so as long as we have the support of our membership.

As we have also stated in the past, if you do not believe in gambling, we honor your beliefs, but a kind donation in lieu of ticket purchase is also greatly appreciated. 


Daryl J. Buhrman, Sr.
Distress Fund Chairman
(410) 803-2293