President's Message

A belated Happy Passover and Happy Easter to all who celebrate, but where did the Spring warmth go?  It’s darn chilly!  

I hope that everyone feels okay.  We have been fighting a real enemy with this Coronavirus (Covid-19) and we are aware that some of our members have family that have lost the fight or are currently fighting this illness.  We send our deepest condolences/best wishes. This is a serious virus, so please stay safe and follow all guidelines.

This will be the first time in the history of the BRPBA that we have had no meetings for three months.  Who knows what will happen in June (our typical summer party).

Now for the business part of this message:

Most of you know about the most recent news regarding the pension lawsuit and if you do not, please visit this website:  Many were left out of the settlement and we have received a lot of calls and emails letting us know how frustrated and upset you are.  Please be aware that this decision by the judge is already under appeal by our lawyers.  Don’t give up on this. We need to stand shoulder to shoulder against the City during this fight, but remember one thing: No one was promised a pot of gold.  The goal was to protect our pension and healthcare.  The fight for healthcare is next on the agenda.  NOTE: If you were awarded money by the judge, please DO NOT spend that money yet. It still could be years before this is completely settled.

Also remember one more important fact: One of those retirees who was awarded a large settlement was injured LOD and had to retire because of those injuries. He lives his life in a wheelchair and has received no raises since he was forced to retire in 2003. 

In addition, go downtown to the Baltimore Shot Tower Park and read the list of names.  Those officers, bless their souls, did not get a pension. Be thankful you are still with us. 

If you have any questions about the lawsuit, please call the office of Saul Ewing and speak with Mr. Charles Monk (Dedicated line: 410-332-8672).

We are all aware that changes are needed in Baltimore City.  The BRPBA and the FOP3 held interviews with a few candidates running for office (the rest were not interested in meeting with us or were unable to meet with us).   We are endorsing:

Mayor: No one

President of the City Council:  No One

Comptroller: No One

City Council:

District 1: Paris Bienert

District 2: No one

District 3: Rain Pryor

District 4: Nicole E. Harris-Crest

District 5: Issac “Yitzy” Schleifer

District 6: Sharon Green Middleton

District 7: Rodney Hudson

District 8: No one

District 9: John T. Bullock

District 10: No one

District 11: Eric Costello

District 12: Robert Stokes, Sr.

District 13: No one

District 14: Stephanie Murdock

If you live and vote in Baltimore City, please consider voting for our recommendations.

Hopefully by the time this newsletter is printed and mailed, the stay at home order will be eased somewhat and we can start to resume our normal lives, but if not, again I pray that all will be safe from this serious enemy.