President's Message

I want to start this President’s Message by wishing everyone a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year.  I’m wise enough to know that won’t be true for everyone, but I can still wish it for all our retired officers and their families.  2017 saw enough strife among our Brotherhood. 

I think we all agree that we need a quiet year.

*      The first topic of this article is our Pension lawsuit as ruled by Judge Rubin on January 2, 2018 (See Mike May’s article further in the newsletter for more detail.)

        On January 9, 2018, Mike May, Past-President Nick Caprinolo and myself met with the Attorney of Saul Ewing’s office.  Mr. Charles (Charlie) Monk, lead attorney, stated in easy terms that,

        “The Retiree’s won, but the battle is not over.” 

        The Baltimore City Government can do the right thing and say, “You won, let’s sit down and settle this,” but I live in the real world and believe the city will not be so gracious.  I think there will be dates as far out as October 2018 where we will still be negotiating. 

        We have heard your concerns and made it one of the talking points of our meeting to ensure that a  retired officer or their beneficiary does not lose out on any money that they should have received between August 2010 to the present.  We will continue to push this point for you.

       A word of caution:  Do not count on this money yet. Wait until it is official and in your hands (or bank account) before you spend.

*     I want to thank everyone who participated in our 2017 Raffle.  Your generosity continues to amaze us, and your participation will go a long way in helping our members and widows in need. 

*     We spoke in our last newsletter about the BRPBA beginning a program in 2017 whereby we help a needy family in the City at the holidays.  This past year we helped a family at Thanksgiving and were so moved by their situation, we helped them again at Christmas.

       Mary Pat Clarke was there when we presented them with our “gifts” in December and we appreciate her taking the time out of her busy schedule to join us.  To give you an idea what this meant to this family, a young boy came up to Patrick Youells with tears in his eyes and hugged him, stating, “Thank you.  I didn’t think we were going to have a Christmas this year.”  It was a very emotional and touching day and we were honored to be of some small help.

*     Our January General Meeting was canceled due to the possibility of inclement weather.  A few members voiced their displeasure at this decision, but I wanted to let you know that some travel from the western counties and the snow began there way before it began here on the eastern side.  We strive to be considerate of our members and their safety.

*     Because our January meeting was canceled, we were unable to present the changes to our By-Laws to the membership attending and to vote on the changes. We hope to do this at our February meeting and if all goes well, the new By-Law books will be mailed in March.

 *    Lastly, I wanted to end this article by sending a thank you from my family and I to everyone for their calls, emails, cards, flowers and their posts on Facebook expressing their condolences on the passing of my sister.  Anyone who has ever had to go through such an emotional time knows how important it is to hear from others who care.  Again, thank you.  It was very much appreciated.


Daryl Buhrman