President's Message

Spring has sprung! Grass needs mowing, trees are dropping their seed pods (or as we called them as kids - whirly-birds or helicopters), and tax season is gone for another year.  This past year, like every year anymore, has been busy.

*      Two of my biggest concerns as your BRPBA President are our Pension and our Healthcare.  I’d like to send out a special thanks to our brother Dan Fickus who restarted the Adhoc committee. Dan and I go to City Hall every two to three weeks to meet with various City Council members as we work towards protecting our healthcare.  We want to stay on the bus, not under it. When we joined the Baltimore City Police Department, we were told we would have a pension and healthcare upon retirement. This will not be cut by some politician who can’t even balance the city budget or account for missing money.  They think they can fix their budgets on the backs of retiree’s and widows.  Not on my watch!  They should know that if they lie to cops, they are on our list.

* We have stated this before and we find that, sadly, we have to state it again.  The BRPBA needs some new blood on the Executive Board.  We have some Board members who have been on the Board for many, many years.  Let’s thank them by letting them step down. 

There has to be someone among our younger retirees who is willing to step up and help protect our retirees and widows.  It requires very little of your time and it is NOT a life sentence.  You can step down whenever you need to.  The hours involved can be as little as two hours a month up to as many hours as you want to give.  The choice is entirely yours.

I cannot tell you enough how important this is.  Without people to lead this organization, it will fold.  That’s the bottom line… it will fold. Gone. Finito. Adios.  There will not be anyone around to speak for you with the City.  The FOP does NOT support retirees.  The BRPBA is YOUR ONLY VOICE.  If we do not get  volunteers, the BRPBA will be gone within five to ten years.  At the rate our Pension lawsuit is going, it will probably still be an issue in five years.  Who will speak for you then? 

* Our June 19, 2018 General Membership meeting will start at 6:00 p.m.  This meeting will be a Bull and Shrimp roast to honor Baltimore City Police Sargent Keith McNeill who was shot several times by a person with a 45-caliber hand gun on March 14, 2014.  This honorable man has had countless surgeries and   hundreds of hours of rehabilitation, yet he refuses to give up.  His goal is to go back to work.  At the time of the shooting, Sgt. McNeill had nineteen years with the department.  (See page 11 for this Officers’ inspirational story).

Please come out and help us show him our support.

* Our September 18, 2018 General Membership meeting, starting at the usual time of 7:00 p.m., will feature our Brothers in Blue who have written books.  We ask all who have been published to bring their books to the meeting and display them for sale.  We encourage our members to come with money and support our own!

I hope to see you on June 19th, but if you can’t make it, please enjoy your summer.  Stay safe and as healthy as you can.

Daryl Buhrman