President's Message

I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday, whether that be Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa, or maybe no celebration at all if that is what you wish.  If you find your holidays are not all that happy this year, please remember that the BRPBA is here for you. We were created to be of help to our members.  You are not alone. 

We moved our monthly meetings on the third Tuesdays of the month to the Knights of Columbus Gardens, 4301 Klosterman Avenue, Perry Hall, MD 21236 (8400 block Belair Road).  We made this change due to our members being unhappy with the previous location (long, dark entrance road and lowering quality of the food).  Please take note:  If you come to our new venue, when you leave and you need to go south onto Belair Road, turn right instead and go up about one block and turn left at the light into the St. Joseph Church lot. Then you can come back out at the light onto Belair Road.  It is darn near impossible to turn left out of Klosterman Avenue because just a few yards away there is a merge off of White Marsh Blvd. that makes this section of road very busy.  We want our members to be safe. 

Our Holiday get-together will be December 17th at 6:00 p.m.  As everyone always has such a good time at this celebration, it is always a packed house, so come early to get a good parking spot.

We held elections at our November 19th meeting, and I thank all of you for keeping the same Board members in place.  This is a good team that works hard for you and has faced many problems.  Two of our biggest issues have been our Healthcare and the dreaded Pension lawsuit and we have put in countless hours on both. 

As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, we now have a seat at the big boy’s table regarding our Health Care.  We’ve gone to a few meetings and we will let you know that the City would love to divide and conquer, but we will not allow it.  We hope to have some great news for you soon.

As I just stated, we also fight for our Pension and I thank all of you who have stayed in for the fight. It’s been a slow, laborious and frustrating battle, but if you drop out, you are sending a message to the City that we are weakening.  They will think they have won, and we will not allow that.  We all worked for that Pension by protecting life, property and each other and we must stay in the  battle. Even if we don’t see a penny, our beneficiaries will, so let’s fight the fight!

I wanted to mention one very important issue to you.  We recently discovered that we had a few people who had written to the F&P in the last couple of years that they wanted to leave the BRPBA.  That is surely a person’s right to do that, but we have one request.  If you find you want to pull out of the BRPBA, please let us know also.  The F&P will not tell us when a person leaves the organization and we, unfortunately, continue to send these  members our newsletters, raffle tickets and other mail.  It can be rather costly.  Just drop us an email or call me at 410-803-2293.  We would appreciate it.

I close this message by stating that the local weathermen have stated this will be a snowy winter.  We shall see.  We haven’t had much the past few winters.  I know those of you in the south are thanking your lucky stars you don’t have to shovel snow anymore (or at least not much snow). 

Happy New Year to all my fellow Brothers and Sisters in Blue