At a general meeting of the BRPBA on June 18, 2003, we received information that one of our members, after being retired for several years, had suffered a stroke and needed a wheelchair ramp.  However, due to financial difficulties, he was unable to have one built.  This information came from another member because the disabled member that needed help was too proud to ask for it.

After a Baltimore Police Officer retires, they can no longer get help from the Signal 13 Foundation.  

Therefore, at the June 18, 2003 meeting, this member's financial situation was discussed, a hat was passed around, and $524.00 was collected.  One of our retired members generously offered to build the wheelchair ramp at no cost.  In addition, Home Depot was approached and graciously helped with the cost of the material.  

However, the BRPBA Distress Fund was not formally started and named until 2004, when it was realized that we had other members and widows who, for whatever reasons,were struggling to make ends meet. Whether they needed help with medical bills, medical equipment, or a personal financial crisis, they were hurting and needed a helping hand.

The needs of our members are even more prevalent in this current economy and it is important, if not critical, for the BRPBA to be there to lend a hand to our Brothers and Sisters in Blue when no other help is available.

As of June 2019, we have had one hundred and nineteen (119) requests for assistance. To date, the BRPBA Distress Fund has disbursed over $150,000 to those who qualified for our help.

The Distress Fund is funded entirely through our yearly Raffle, and donations made by you, our members.

Many of our members, their family, and friends are fortunate enough to not be in this position. The BRPBA Distress Fund would be honored if those fortunate members would remember us and our members needs.  A few have remembered us in their wills; some have remembered us in their passing by having donations made to the BRPBA Distress Fund in lieu of flowers, while others have graciously sent donations. 

In whatever way you may find to honor us, we are appreciative and thank you for your generosity.  Those you have helped over the years thank you also.  As we are members, so are we family.

If you would like to make a donation to the Distress Fund, please address it to Daryl Buhrman, P.O. Box 935, Bel Air, MD 21014.  If you are seeking assistance, please click on the application below.

Daryl Buhrman
(410) 803-2293

CLICK FOR DISTRESS FUND APPLICATION.  MAIL TO: DARYL BUHRMAN P.O. BOX 935, BEL AIR, MD 21014. (Top application is for members; bottom application is for widows)


BRPBA_Distress Fund Application_Widows_Initial Application.doc