2. Your name must appear on the title of the vehicle as the owner or co-owner. You can get these tags for your current spouse or child, but only if the vehicle has your name on the registration and it is listed to your home address. NO EXCEPTIONS.

3. Widows or widowers of Baltimore Police Officers are automatically members of the BRPBA. They can obtain these tags as long as they retain their spouses name and do NOT re-marry.

4. Upon the death of a BRPBA member, his/her children may continue to use the BRP tags that are on their vehicles. These tags can be transferred to another vehicle only if their transfer is allowed by MVA rules. The child of a deceased BRPBA member cannot re-apply for new BRP tags.

5. If a member of the BRPBA resigns from the Organization, he/she must immediately turn in the BRP tags to the MVA since they are no longer a member of the BRPBA and have no further right to possess these tags. Failure to return these tags to the MVA will result in the vehicle(s) registration(s) to be "revoked" and the MVA investigators will be dispatched to seize these tags. 


These tags will be available for the following vehicles:

1. Vehicles registered in the State of Maryland.

2. Passenger vehicles, SUV’s and motor homes.

3. Pick up trucks, up to 1 (one) ton.

Motorcycles. In order to obtain BRP tags for motorcycles, I need a start up “list” of 25 (twenty- five) BRPBA members. At the present time, I do not have enough members to make this list. If you are interested, please call me at 410-803-9616 and put your name on this list.


1. Vehicles not registered in the State of Maryland.

2. Campers, commercial vehicles, and trailers.

3. Vehicles with Handicap tags. 

(The BRP tag does NOT come in a Handicap format. You can obtain the BRP tags and then obtain the Handicap placard to hang on your mirror.)


1.    $25.00 – This is the MVA’s fee for EACH set of tags. If you have more than one vehicle and you register     them at the same time, you will receive your tags with sequential numbers.

2.    $20.00 – BRPBA Administrative Fee. If you order one or more sets of tags at the same time, the     Administrative cost is still only $20.00. If you order another set of tags at a later date, you will have to pay     the $20.00 again.

3.    No Charge – For Administrative fees for the Widows or Widowers of BPD officers.

PLEASE NOTE: The entire $20.00 Administrative Fee collected from you is for processing your BRP tag and will be deposited into the BRPBA Distress Fund. This fee is considered a TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION to a tax exempt organization.


In order to obtain the BRP tag(s) you must do the following:

Tag application(s) will only come from me with the proper authorization. Call me at 410-803-2293. You CANNOT get the BRP tag application from the MVA.

Once you call me, I will mail the MVA forms to you to complete. Instructions on how to fill it out will be included.

Return the MVA tag application form(s) along with your personal check(s) or money order(s) in the BRPBA self-addressed envelope that I will provide.

After reviewing your application(s), I will complete the necessary authorization, security coding and tag number assigned for each vehicle onto your application(s).

PLEASE NOTE: Do not request a certain tag number. I will not be able to comply with your request as tag numbers are issued in sequential order only.

I will then send your application to the MVA. Your tags will be mailed to your home. You cannot hand carry your application to the MVA. NO EXCEPTIONS.

When you receive your tags, your temporary vehicle registration certificates(s) will be included in the package. Your “permanent registration” will be mailed to you at a later date. Once you receive your new tags you only have 7 (seven) days to return your old tags to the MVA. If you fail to do this the MVA will mark both your old and new tags as “Suspended”. Do not use the MVA ‘Drop Off’ box in front of most of the MVA locations. Go inside and make sure you get a receipt for your old tags.


Please understand that this program is run solely by me. I am the Program Administrator. If you attempt to bypass me by going directly to the MVA you will not be able to get these tags on your own. If, by some stroke of luck, you are able to bypass me and get these tags on your own, I will know about it since I am the only one who assigns the tag numbers. Once I become aware of what you have done, your new BRP tags will be immediately “Revoked” and the MVA investigators will be dispatched to seize the tags. You will be permanently banned from this program and your membership in the BRPBA will also be “Revoked”.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me.

Daryl Buhrman
BRPBA Tag Committee
(410) 803-2293

updated 06/20/16


In order to be eligible for a BRPBA tag, you must meet the following pre-qualifications:

1.  Be a member in good standing with the BRPBA.