Benefits of Membership

The Baltimore Retired Police Benevolent Association, (aka “BRPBA”), is the only official organization for retired Baltimore Police Officers of all ranks. Currently, there are over 1700 retired Baltimore Police Officers who are members of the BRPBA, and almost 400 widows.

Why join the BRPBA? 

After retirement, it is absolutely imperative, now more than ever, for you to stay informed and keep up with current events concerning your retirement benefits and other matters pertaining to the police force.  The President of the BRPBA represents you at the city council and state legislature meetings to gain or maintain benefits for our retirees.  Our accountant keeps you up-to-date on issues facing retirees regarding taxes, and other money-related items of importance.  Our Board of Governor member, Attorney Mike May, will send out periodic information regarding the Pension lawsuit.  Plus much more information of importance to all retirees.

In addition, your will receive:

  1. Death Benefit: The designated beneficiary will receive a $1,000 Death Benefit upon the passing of the member, if the member joined within one year of retirement. If you join after one year, the benefit is prorated by years of membership with BRPBA.
  2. Bereavement Support: Should the spouse of a BRPBA member pass before the member, a bereavement award of $250.00 will be gifted to the member. 
  3. Membership Meetings: Monthly meetings of the BRPBA are held every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. from September through June.  There are NO meetings in July and August.  After each meeting, a hot and cold buffet with refreshments is available to all, with socialization with other retirees.  The December meeting is our Holiday Party where we draw our winning raffle numbers and enjoy a pleasant feast. 
  4. BRPBA Distress Fund Assistance Program:  After being a member for one year, you will be eligible to apply for the BRPBA Distress Fund Assistance Program.  This is a financial assistance program only for BRPBA members, their widows, and dependent children under the age of 18, if they qualify.  The Distress Fund is supported by generous donations from our members and our yearly Raffle, which is mailed in the first week of September with the drawing at our Holiday party in December.
  5. BRPBA Newsletter: You will receive a periodic BRPBA newsletter which will bring you up-to-date on all current news regarding our pension, new members who have joined the BRPBA, those we have unfortunately lost, an opportunity to advertise your business, and so much more. 
  6. BRPBA Email service:  This is a service only for BRPBA members.  As a BRPBA member, when there is a change in our pension system or benefits you will be notified by Email. You will be notified also when a retired officer passes or is sick and/or in the hospital.  You will not receive jokes or recipes, and your information is not sold to outsiders.  Only items of importance that pertain to you as a retired BRPBA member will be sent.
  7. BRPBA License Plate Program:  As a BRPBA member, you will be eligible for the BRPBA license plates for your vehicle that shows you are a member of the BRPBA.  This license bears the Baltimore Police Shoulder Patch Emblem.  You can put these tags on almost any vehicle that has your name on the vehicle title.  To find out more information regarding this program, please click on the link “BRPBA License Tags” under “Member Information”. 
  8. Widow Assistance:  The widow of a BRPBA member is considered a member of the BRPBA. Widows are encouraged to attend monthly meetings. Widows are eligible for BRPBA tags. Widows are also eligible for assistance from the BRPBA Distress Fund. Widows do not pay any membership dues.  Widows can, if they wish, receive BPRBA emails, and are sent a copy of our periodic Newsletter.

Membership for the BPRBA is $5.00 a month, which can be deducted from your benefits check or paid yearly, whichever you so choose.  Please just email to receive an application for membership.